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CND Shellac™

Have Angel Nails with CND Shellac

Are you tired of painting your nails, thinking they’re dry only to smudge them on your way out of the door? You want gorgeous nails but don’t have the time to maintain them? then CND Shellac™ is for you. Shellac is a revolutionary power polish by CND. It has an unrivalled shine, amazing depth of colour and lasts around 14 days. Shellac is cured under UV light ensuring its completely dry immediately. Shellac protects the nail and helps you to grow your nails should you desire. Amazingly Shellac is removed by your technician in only 10 minutes revealing a totally healthy nail. Shellac key features:

  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes
  • Mirror like scratch resistant shine

Clients who have been previously unable to wear nail products because of allergic reaction, onycholysis or time limitations will be able to wear Shellac ! It’s “3 free” formula is hypo allergenic and easy wearing for most clients.



CND Shellac™ application

Your service will start with a manicure, nails will be filed into shape and nails will be cleared of any true cuticle on the nail bed to ensure great adhesion. A base coat is applied followed by two colour coats. Top coat provides a high shine and scratch resistant mirror finish.

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Shellac Aftercare

Shellac, although standing up well to daily exposure to household cleaners, soaps, lotions and cleaners it is still advisable to wear gloves when using harsh chemicals or gardening. Shellac is sensitive to DEET found in some insect repellant and gloves must be worn when applying.


It is important to keep nails conditioned and in tip top condition when wearing any sort of nail covering. This keeps the nail bed and cuticle area hydrated. SolarOil is an amazing product and is highly recommended for daily use.

Spring Range 2019

The world is waking up again, And spring has just begun.

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Summer Range 2018

Just in beautiful summer colours

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CND Shellac Nail Polish Willerby

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Special offer: Experience the best and only chip-free finish for

CND Shellac on Fingers or Toes £15 (Usually £24)

CND Shellac Fingers & Toes £25 (Usually £48)

Offers Valid until 30/04/2019

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For more information on CND Shellac please see CND Shellac or YouTube

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