Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash Tinting/Eyebrow Tinting

Eyes look wider, more alert and appealing when lashes have been tinted and tinted eyebrows frame the face.  The procedures are painless, quick to do and give instant results leaving you feeling more confident.

Eyelash tinting is great for those with fair lashes and those who want to save time on applying make up or generally if you just want your natural lashes to look more defined and darker with results lasting up to 8 weeks.

Eyebrow tinting adds definition to the eyes and frames the face again giving you confidence and saving you time when applying make up.

Using products that are gentle for all skin types and having a variety of colours I can mix and match to get you the perfect colour.

As the products are so gentle tinting can also be done at the same time as an eyelash perm/tint saving two separate appointments and saving you time.

Eyelash tinting takes 20 minutes (excluding consultation).  Price £15.00

Eyebrow tinting takes 5 minutes (excluding consultation).  Price £10.00

A patch test is required at least 48hrs prior to treatment.