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Platinum Marine Pedicure

Pedicure at Angel Beauty

If you’ve never had a Platinum Marine Pedicure, you are missing out on one of life’s best pampering treats.

A pedicure is one of my much-loved treats. However it seems so many women I know have never had one because of they think their feet are ugly. If that is what is holding you back, it’s time to adjust your thinking. An average person walks the equivalent of four times around the world in their lifetime. Don’t you think your feet deserve a little pampering? No one thinks they have pretty feet; heck, I know mine are far from pretty, but that’s not going to stop me from going to get a pedicure. Let me walk you through the treatment below in a slide show so you can see it is painless and relaxing so hopefully you will make that first phone call or text to book an appointment. I promise you’ll thank me for it when you’re done.

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Don’t miss out on one of life most inexpensive treats. Everyone deserves a pedicure.


Platinum Marine Pedicure with CND Marine Spa

Platinum Marine Pedicure CND

Platinum Marine Pedicure at Angel Beauty

Angel Beauty uses CND Marine Spa, a Platinum Marine Pedicure inspired by the sea, using Marine botanicals and sea salts to energize, quartz crystals and menthol to cool and designed to refresh and revitalize – like a brisk walk in the surf. Feet are cleansed using Marine Mineral bath, then exfoliated using Marine Salt Scrub, followed by a cooling Marine Masque. A luxurious massage using Marine Hydrating Oil completes the treatment and toes are then treated to two applications of polish and a top coat.


Special offer: See price list for reductions

Platinum Marine Pedicure: – Cuticle Work, Shape, Buff, Massage, CND Almond Spa or CND Marine Spa in Heated Mitts & Polish. Now Only £25.00.

Diamond Pedicure: – Cuticle Work, Shape, Buff, Massage, Moisturising treatment in Heated Mitts & Polish. Now Only £20.00.

Gold Pedicure: – Cuticle Work, Shape, Buff, Massage & Polish. Now Only £18.00

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