Chill Out Pamper Facial

Chill Out Pamper Facial

Imagine the scene, you enter a place where candles are lit, soft, gentle, relaxing music is playing in the background and the soft smell of lavender or jasmine is in the air.

Angel Beauty

You are about to embark on the tranquil experience of an Ultimate Chill Out Pamper Facial.

As you relax, unwind and drift off somewhere far away your skin is double cleansed and exfoliated with a papya enzyme and botanical extracts peel.

The enzyme peel with fruit enzymes nourishes the skin whilst sloughing off dead skin cells creating the perfect PH balance, fighting free radicals which causes premature aging, controlling acne, shrinking pores, eating blackheads, diminishing lines and wrinkles as well as scars, age spots and redness resulting in radiant, glowing skin.

All the while a soft gentle steam gently passes across your face to enable the pores to gently open and allow the cleanser and peel to gently penetrate deep into the skin ready to be washed away leaving silky soft smooth skin.

As  the steam clean is turned up a little to help with  any necessary extractions, you can be assured that the best part is yet to come.

A soothing Casmara Algae Mask is then placed on your super clean skin.  A mask which is so clever it can be applied to the eyes and lips, whilst at first a strange sensation it’s one that keeps clients returning again and again and again.

Choosing from a Casmara Kiwi and Poppy seed algae mask that specifically targets skin that is loosing its elasticity or has started to sag, its ingredients clarify the skin, while revitalising and encouraging collagen regeneration.  Carbohydrates in the treatment mask solidify and form a plastic mask on the face to lift the skin while its main active ingredient kiwi fruit, super rich in vitamin C and trace elements, provides excellent nutrition for the repair of  the skin.  Poppy seeds are utilised to add soothing and calming properties to the mask.


For those with sensitive or delicate skin, the Casmara sensitive mask has soothing vitaminic properties that moisturise the face efficiently leaving flawless results.  Containing marine algae extracts, violet essence with soothing properties and OAT that provides vitamins A, B and E.  How it works: an algae-based mask containing vegetable extract nutrients derived from violets and oats, it has a similar action to the  Casmara congealing masks, well-known for their beneficial effects on delicate skin.  Product can lower the temperature of the skin by up to 6 degrees which can reduce redness, puffiness and dark under eye circles. Suitable for all skin types and ages, this mask can be applied over the eyes and lips, treating areas not normally touched by standard facial masks.  A high quality product, that’s what you’re worth.

As the mask works its wonder you can, if you’ve not already done so, drift off and allow your body to experience a wondrous massage of the trapezius muscle (the area that is so often tense, knotted and sore from the stresses and strains of work, hunching over, carrying heavy loads and general day to day stresses and strains of life itself), neck, shoulders and arms or a deeply intense lower legs, ankles and feet leaving you feeling completely relaxed and chilled out.

As the mask is removed, a gentle massage of the face is undertaken using a hyaluronic infused serum and moisturiser, providing further relaxation, stimulating blood flow, improving muscle tone, reducing fluid retention and puffiness, fighting gravity and encouraging deeper product penetration.

The treatment is then finished off with a soothing and skin tightening ‘icey globes experience’ facial massage, cooling the skin and closing the pores leaving skin feeling heavenly relaxed, deeply nourished and in a state of complete hydration, glowing and refreshed.

Result?  Radiant, lifted, tighter, soothed, glowing skin.

And you?  This treatment leaves you feeling so special and so relaxed, you’re not going to want to leave my room …

£50 with hydrating/collagen mask

£60 with Casmara Algae mask