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Neo Elegance Aqua Glow Facial & Chemical Peel for: *** £80 ***

This offer is for a limited time and places are going quickly.

The Aqua Glow facial is on offer at £60 (down from £100) but now with a Chemical Peel for 1/2 PRICE.

That is £140 worth of facial for £80 and as one client called it “it’s like a Barbados holiday on my face”.



Please Phone/Text Angel Beauty on 07760 663670 any day between 8:00 – 22:00 for an appointment. After work evening appointments are available. 

Address:- 223B Kingston Road, Willerby, HU10 6AN

Does your skin make you feel self conscious, sad, wanting to hide away or cover up under a multitude of layers?  Is this getting you down?

Do you feel like you have tried every type of facial and every product on the market and still feel no better?

Well now you can stop looking any further and let’s target your facial and your skincare to your specific needs.  You are unique so why would you have standard facials and use standard off the shelf products?

My aim is to get you feeling truly happy about yourself, glowing with confidence and radiating your natural beauty.

With award winning equipment and beauty products I can tailor a specific facial and skincare products bespoke to you.

You want results, and I want them for you too.

The way our skin looks and feels determines how we feel emotionally.  Tired, ageing, problem skin makes us feel miserable, impacting on the quality of our lives and relationships.  It’s not too late to change.  My facials don’t just deliver results on the surface but emotionally heal too.   Through regular facials you re-discover your hidden treasures of clear skin, youthfulness, beauty, resilience, and confidence.   Bringing out the very best version of you and keeping you that way for longer. 

Hi, I’m Sarah and I take great pride in the quality and delivery of my facials to you.

My facials give you that well deserved break from all the worrisome stresses and strains from life whilst delivering results too.

You are personally greeted my me and I help you to feel comfortable, safe and secure in my peaceful, salon environment.  As you relax and unwind, safe in the knowledge that I am taking great care of your skin’s every need, you have the time to pause, take stock of your life and figure where your life is going and how you’re going to get there,   

I want to help you take back control of your life.  I want you to claim back that youthful, energetic, vibrant self that’s buried somewhere inside.  Through work, life, family demands on our time, we often try to juggle everything and hold onto that trophy for being the best mum, wife, partner, daughter, friend, employee, trying so hard to maintain a positive disposition and pretend that all is well, and on the outside, maybe it is.

But on the inside, this all takes its toll on our bodies and in particular our skin.  As we carry the stresses and strains with us each day, the burden can sometimes feel heavy leaving us feeling miserable, sad, unhappy, joyless, unloved.

But we put on that smile and carry on managing the school run, a demanding job, feeling over-looked for promotion, feeling old and unattractive as the younger generation come through – burying our light, feeling over worked and under valued, taking care of an elderly relative, going through a break-up, a divorce, a bereavement, or perhaps all this rolled into one.  And it all shows on our faces.  

Then one day when we look in the mirror we don’t see ourselves anymore.  The person looking back at us, is someone older, someone feeling that life has passed them by, perhaps with some regrets.

That’s why I endeavour to bring you the very best facials that I can.  Using the latest award winning devices, backed-up by clinical trials, so that I can deliver to you the very best results driven facial to get your skin looking its best and you feeling your best.  Giving you that confidence back, feeling empowered to greet each new day as an exciting challenge and wonderful opportunity for your future self. 

Believe me, this can be done through a facial.  I’ve experienced so much in my lifetime and it all took it’s toll on my skin, then one day I looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of my grandma, trust me, that was not a happy day.  As much as I loved my grandma, I did not want to be looking exactly like her in my forties.    

Using the latest innovative treatments, products and massage techniques I bring you the most effective results driven facials resulting in you feeling relaxed, refreshed, vibrant and invigorated to kick start your new found inner glow, confidence and strength. 

The only Salon in East Yorkshire that offers the ‘Spa meets Aesthetics’  NEO Elegance Aqua Glow Facial system, a system that celebrities are going mad for.  Now you can too.  

Breakaway from the worries and strains of today’s hectic lifestyle and relax as you indulge in a luxurious life enhancing facial. 

I am confident that my treatments will make you feel special, important, and valued releasing your innate confidence and well-being.

I look forward to meeting you.

Re-energise your body with relaxing treatments such as a Swedish Body Massage or Hot Stone Massage or slow down time with a fabulous facial – the perfect way to unwind.

Angel Beauty is a premier Beauty Salon in Willerby near Hull, East Yorkshire and offers a soothing and relaxing environment, with calm, inviting and private surroundings.

Specialising in non surgical anti-aging facials you can relax and unwind whilst having a rejuvenating microdermabrasion facial, a collagen boosting galvanic or high frequency facial,  or a state of the art LED Mask facial (or go all out and add the LED treatment to any facial for a super indulgent finish). 

Or try out a bespoke Ultimate Chill Out pamper facial where I use super indulgent Casmara Algae masks that can soothe sore, sensitive skin and reduce puffiness, redness and dark under eye circles, or clarify, revitalise and encourage collagen regeneration. 

All treatments provided in the most personal, friendly and professional salon surroundings.

Angel Beauty

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