Eyelash Perm/Lift

Eyelash Perm/Lift

Enhance your natural lashes by having an eyelash perm/lift and make your lashes appear longer and curled/lifted for weeks at a time.  No more curling your lashes in a morning after having this treatment.

This lash experience is great for everyone but especially to those who:

  • wear contact lenses
  • are allergic to make up or mascara
  • don’t like wearing false eyelashes
  • are mature with sagging eyelids
  • work in a hot steamy environment.

Using products that are gentle for all skin types tinting can also be done at the same time saving two separate appointments and saving you time.

A patch test is required at least 48hrs beforehand.

Before & After

Eyelash Perm treatment takes 60 minutes.  Price £40.00